Call for feedback on preferred desktop fonts

Friday, February 12, 2010

As you know, while trying to offer a better experience for users in all languages and trying to balance that with features, we are faced with the fact that the space on the Live CD is limited.

Fonts in particular take a lot of space, and we’d like to reduce that to the minimum necessary in order to have a reduced set to correctly display all languages. These will then be collected in an ‘ubuntu-desktop-fonts‘ package.

This will only be for the Live CD. In an installation with network connectivity all required font packages, writing aids, etc. will be downloaded and installed as usual. This will also not yet solve the issue whereby only a few languages are included on the CD, but will free some more space on it and avoid duplication.

Arne Götje has started a wiki page to collect feedback on this, and I’d like to ask you to add the information for your particular language/script combination and complete the tables at:

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Look for your language/script on the list. If it does not fall in any of the existing categories, you can just add it
  • If the current font for basic display of messages is correct, simply add an “OK” note to the Remarks column.
  • If not, please suggest a better font (a maximum of two, in order of preference) and add a note on the Remarks column as wel
  • That’s it! If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask them to the translations team or leave your comments here

If this is too technical for you, or you are not used to deal with fonts, feel free to contact someone knowledgeable on fonts in your local community to help us complete the info.



4 Responses to “Call for feedback on preferred desktop fonts”

  1. smurff Says:

    Like “junk food”, “junk design soft” is around too.(fonts, drivers, codecs, …)

    one of the main app to randomly customize my fatty Linux is “bleachbit”, and it’s a cron job.

    Why are we flooded by all these various fonts, and …, we never want and need ?

    Give users freedom to choice, that’s all.

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