The Hebrew translation team needs your help

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ubuntu Hebrew Translators LogoAfter running the Ubuntu Translation Teams Healthcheck I took it to heart to help translation teams in the areas they asked for assistance in the survey.

One of the teams that had a need in a particular area was the Ubuntu Hebrew translation team. In their own words:

We don’t get much feedback, to be exact, we need to beg the users for feedback, once in every few months someone is kind enough to tell us that there is a translation mistake []”

In short, the team needs your feedback. Whether it is to tell them there are translations that need improvement, or whether it is simply to commend or support them in the awesome work they do translating Ubuntu, they’ll be very happy to hear from you.

So, do you use Ubuntu in Hebrew? Do you want to help? There are many different ways you can support Ubuntu in your language. Pick one or more of them!

With your help the Hebrew team can reach excellent language support for all their users. What are you waiting for? Give them a hand!

(And here in Hebrew. Ddorda tells me it’s readable, although some bits might sound weird, so beware of the Google automatic translation!)

Help the Hebrew translation team


8 Responses to “The Hebrew translation team needs your help”

  1. Chuck Carey Says:

    Very good post. You should always use a translation service. NEVER use a machine transaltion for anything important. You can always try this site:

  2. Jim Says:

    I’m afraid the Hebrew translation you have added here is terrible.
    If you wish, we can provide free of charge translation of short text like this one on . Contact me @ my email

    • David Says:

      Thanks a lot for the offer. As I said on the post, the translation was done with Google translate, so I’m well aware that it’s not 100% correct (no automatic translation ever is). I also consulted it with an Hebrew speaker before publishing it, who told me that the text sounded a bit weird and had some mistakes, but it was readable.

      I had an offer from him to correct it before I posted it, but WordPress (what I used to publish the post) does not work very well with a post with a mixture of RTL and LTR text, which is why I had to post the text as an image and why I was not able to apply any corrections.

      What you could do to help, is to re-post it in corrected in the Hebrew communication channels. E.g. if you’ve got an Hebrew planet, or on the Israeli forums, or on the news feeds of


  3. Tomer Cohen Says:

    I am not active on their team, but I want to put some attention on their team health –

    Their website is owned by people who are not very active in the local community and not very dedicated to the Ubuntu spirit, who has the full control over website content and forum posts. These persons are the only people who manage the community forum, and are the only people responsible to promoting members to moderation rights. This is making people who know the site owners in persons to be more likely to get some moderation rights, and some Ubuntu contributors on their team become less active on the local users community because of their fights, which is bad for everyone involved in the local Ubuntu users community, and in the local Free Software community in general (including me).

    There was some talks about migrating their community to another domain, which may split to community into two separated communities, and as the full website content (including user manuals, forum posts etc.) is currently out of their hand, it may disappear if the current website will fade away or the owner will decide to delete it.

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