Translators: you are awesome and you should be proud of it

Friday, October 15, 2010

You Rock!

Translations Awesomeness

As you all know the Meerkat is out.

After the release frenzy, I’d like to take a step back and use the opportunity to thank the people from the part of the community that’s closer to me: translators.

For those not familiar with them, they are a vital piece of the diverse group of individuals that bring Ubuntu to millions: they enable almost everyone to use Ubuntu in their own language. With every release they manage to organize, coordinate and perform the translation effort for the applications that are part of our Operating System.

We’ve got more than 1600 translatable applications for Ubuntu in Launchpad, and believe me, translating even the set of most visible ones is an incredible achievement. Not to forget the effort of upstream translation teams, the work of which is also reflected in Ubuntu.

All in all, the end result is something to be truly proud of.

This Cycle’s Hall of Fame

Special mention this time goes to the Spanish, Galician, English (United Kingdom), Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and German teams, who have achieved 100% translation status according to the statistics at release time. If you see anyone from these teams around, give them a big hug.

Ubuntu-10.10 Top 20 Stats

A total of 37 languages reached what we consider a full translation in Ubuntu 10.10, with many more being close to that figure.

The Galician team, in 2nd place this time, has managed to beat the living daylights out of all languages in the Iberian Peninsula apart from Spanish. In comparison to them, we Catalan ranked 15. Congratulations! But next time it’s personal 😉

And the Turkish team has been working very hard in the last two cycles to make it to the top: in Lucid they already sprang from the 27th to the 7th position in terms of translation coverage of all Ubuntu translations in Launchpad. Well done, you’ve done a spectacular job.

Translators: thanks for your awesome work, you rock!

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License You Rock! image by IAN RANSLEY DESIGN + ILLUSTRATION


10 Responses to “Translators: you are awesome and you should be proud of it”

  1. foo Says:

    Do any of these translations go upstream?

  2. andrejz Says:

    Nothing goes upstream, unless translation teams send it there manually.

    But when we are talking about ubuntu translation statistics, these are mostly gnome packages.

  3. marquinos Says:

    Congrats to the Galician Team!!! Great work!! 😀

  4. aloriel Says:

    Foo: is the other way around, upstream translations go into Launchpad.

    Anyway, having a 100% is awesome, but quality is even more important. Is there any way to measure it?

    • David Says:

      Hi aloriel,

      I am not aware of any automated way to measure quality, other than the subjective measure of using the OS in the given language.

      One think we can see, though, is how many teams have got translation guidelines in the list of Ubuntu translation teams:

      In any case, I’d welcome any suggestions to include these kind of metrics in the future.

      • Fran Dieguez Says:

        Hi David,

        I’m one of the co-coordinators of the Galician Language team of Ubuntu and other friends of mine have showed me this post!
        Really thanks for the congratulations!!!!

        At the Galician team we are really proud of it, under it there is a lot of work from upstream teams and for Galician translators team is really important to translate first upstream.

        I’m really happy that you will take this as the personal way! This is the sane competence. This will improve all the translations both in Catalan and in Galician.

        I think that the most important point of this goal is that last year we have created a supra-organization, Association Trasno (, where we assign available resources for all the available open source projects, we try to coordinate all the projects, teach new translators to help us in the near future, and we do continuous improvements into the terminology.

        All of it to get the Galician language into the new technologies take vantage of the open source software.

  5. hocAge Says:

    I agree with aloriel. Eg. the German translation may be complete, but it still gives me headaches from time to time. I’ve seen a lot of strings that have better suggestions at Launchpad but nothing ever happens. Maybe there should be a voting system to up- and down-vote translations.

  6. Marcos Says:

    Go galician team, go!!!

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