Heads up to all Ubuntu App Showdown participants

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

After reading the Ubuntu App Showdown subreddit, getting a few pings on G+ and IRC, it seems there are some showdown participants concerned about whether their app made it on time for the contest.

So here’s a quick heads up: don’t worry, if your app was submitted to MyApps on time, and complied with the contest requirements, it made it to the contest. If some of the requirements were not met, we’ve probably contacted you and given you a chance to meet them, as we appreciate the hard work you’ve put these last 3 weeks, and we want you to get in.

Some of you have noticed there is a Trello board the Ubuntu App Review Board and their contributors have been using to track progress on app reviews. Some of the apps are still not in there simply because of the overwhelmingly positive response and the work it takes to process the about 150 contest submissions we got. About 90% of them are valid, and while it might take us a bit more than expected to process them, it is a very pleasant problem to have, to be honest :).

We’re currently finishing off the list of qualified apps and setting up the voting infrastructure, so we’ll publish the list of apps on the Ubuntu App Developer blog very soon.

In any case, good work to all of you who’ve participated. You’ve made it. In only 3 weeks you’ve gone from idea to a finished app using the Free Software tools Ubuntu puts on your hands. It is amazing, and even more for those of you who were new to app development in Ubuntu. I hope you’ve had fun and learnt a lot. Good luck with your apps during the jury vote!

Looking forward to start voting on all your awesome apps!

Image Don’t Panic Badge Attribution Some rights reserved by Jim Linwood


12 Responses to “Heads up to all Ubuntu App Showdown participants”

  1. jspaleta Says:

    That sounds like you’ve had a great turnout for a first of its kind event. Regardless of the judging that number of participants is a great showing for a first time effort.

    I’ll be interesting to see if you can turn this into a recurring activity. Especially if you can time it so you can get some press juice about the winners that rolls into or backs up against release timing buzz by building a story around Ubuntu tailored apps as a gateway drug into the OS as a lifestyle choice.


    • David Says:

      Absolutely. We’re really pleased with the results and we’re planning to run such a contest once a cycle. We’ve learnt a few lessons and you’re right, while the buzz has been good, next time around we’ll be spending more time into a plan to make out the most of press coverage.

  2. Aaron Haviland Says:

    I believe some of the confusion regarding whether a submission was made in time is due to the javascript countdown on the showdown page: The counter showed the time to the end of July 9th in the local timezone, not in BST (or whatever Canonical/Ubuntu uses locally).

    As a result, I (and at least a few other people, based on comments I’ve seen elsewhere) submitted my package in the evening on July 9th, with more than a couple hours remaining on the javascript clock, only to find MyApps reporting my upload to be submitted at “2012-07-10 00:38”

    As I cannot find anywhere in the contest rules where it specifies a timezone (or a UTC-specific deadline), will the deadline be bent for this confusion?

    • David Says:

      Hi Aaron,

      Despite the timezone confusion, and as mentioned in the post, we’ve tried to be very flexible, and we were still letting apps in yesterday. Again, as explained above, your app most probably did it, but if you tell me which app yours is, I can tell you in detail.

  3. Stefanie Says:

    This contest was really great and convinced me how easy it is with quickly to make an app for Ubuntu. I’ll transfer some of my programs written for Windows to the Ubuntu Software Center. Was a lot of fun!

    • David Says:

      I’m really glad you enjoyed it, I appreciate the feedback, and cool to hear we’ll be getting more of your apps into the Software Center too!

  4. Nick Lemaire Says:

    Have you went through all the submission? Because my app says it’s still pending review.
    Is it possible my application wasn’t valid or am I just being too impatient?

    this is my submission btw:

    Anyway, I’d love to see more contests like this in the future!

  5. […] the 9th of July, many of you have asked about what’s going to happen next.While we posted an quick update to inform participants that their entries got in, there have been some more questions on what the next steps will […]

  6. OJW Says:

    Hi. Did flightgear-multiplayer-maps get included in the contest? MyApps seemed a bit vague about it (MyApps was supposed to point to the code repository at https://launchpad.net/flightgear-multiplayer-map, seemed less duplicative than uploading source .debs to MyApps)

  7. Max Mertens Says:

    I would like to ask why my app has not been qualified for the contest? It was moved to “Needs information” and I replied several times, but no one responded and in the list of qualified apps it is not listed:
    (it is rapit-get, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1232/)

  8. My program (Tympanus Media Player) has not been included at the list of the appears that made it to the contest.However I did not receive an e-mail from you to know if my app has been rejected or accepted.Additionally, at the “myapps” portal the status of Tympanus is still “pending review” and not “rejected”.I am so confused.

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