Once again, the unstoppable Catalan team demonstrate their drive and capacity in event organization and Free Software advocacy.

Last 20th of November, pursuing the lofty “hey, one install party is not enough” goal and organized by Vicent Cubells and Josep Martínez, the team pulled yet a second Ubuntu Maverick install party. This time round it was in the beautiful city of València, and in an emblematic location as well: the Ca Revolta center – which is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Several Ubuntu installations were performed throughout the day, either in parallel to Windows or wiping it out completely at the user’s request. Technical support was also offered to anyone who came by, which in some cases required a big dose of genius and willingness to be confronted with -back in the day- state of the art technology, such as psychedelic laptop screens and the likes.

All in all, a fantastic event: everyone went back home satisfied, enjoying the new freedom of their shiny Ubuntu systems.

Big thanks to everyone who participated, and see you at the next one soon!

You can also read this post in Catalan.

Pictures by Vicent Cubells


Ubuntu Lucid release party in Valencia

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catalan LoCo Team at the Lucid Release Party in L'octubre

Last weekend the Catalan LoCo team reunited again to celebrate yet another unforgettable Ubuntu release party in València, at the emblematic Octubre Culture Centre in the heart of the city.

They were two days packed with activities, presentations, conferences, unconferences, installs, excellent food and even better company. In summary, good fun for everyone, of which here’s just a taste:

Catalan Lucid Release Party

Day 0: Friday – the ubuntaires are coming

As most of the LoCo team members come from different parts of the Catalonia region, they were traveling on Friday to be fresh for the big day on Saturday. Be it with car, train or motorbike, everyone had arrived by the evening and some of us met for a nice  dinner and enjoyed the warm Valencian night.

Apart from seeing the crew again, the highlight for me was to finally meet the great Cubells and Giorgio in person, with whom I collaborate online, but never had the chance to hang out with yet.

Day 1: Saturday – octubre, install, conferences, random number generators, 61

The first day started early in the morning, and those who managed to wake up soon enough were able to leave their testimonial in the early bird photo. The first thing we all contemplated in awe was the venue:

Hall at the OctubreOffices and conference rooms at the Octubre

The current building is a reform from the 1879 original, and the adaptation in 2004 nicely marries the contemporary needs with the original style. The Centre itself and the organizations it is home to are a reference when talking about culture in the Valencian Community, and I think I can speak for the whole team in thanking Vicent Cubells for making the Lucid release party in L’octubre possible.

Moving on to more geeky matters, the party kicked off with Alex‘s presentation and the Maverick UDS video, with obligatory cheer when the picture with the Catalan team was featured. After that, workshops, presentations and the install party were ready to roll, many of them running in parallel.

Later lunch, short break, back to more awesome sessions and a final draw in which number 61 was repeatedly featured in our “random” number generator. Then fast forward to a well-deserved after work beer, a nice dinner in the city, some er… hacking, and last drinks.

Day 2: Sunday – unconference, 太極拳, cava

As it is to expect with a Sunday morning, the last day started slower than the first, but Alex and Rafael managed to quickly sort that out by energizing everyone with cool topics for the unconference, to which people responded equally well volunteering for presentations.

While all interesting, the ones I would personally highlight were the ones from Josep Gallart, in which he explained the golden ratio applied to photography, and the session on Tai Chi at the terrace by Rafael Carreras, which constituted a very nice and pleasant finale.

Following that, we all went for dinner, enjoyed good food at L’octubre once more and were kindly invited to cava by Giorgio’s parents. That marked the closure of the event, after which people started the long journey back home, thinking already on how to make the next release party even more awesome.

Everything was very well documented by our very own reporters, and it seems that everyone took pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures and pictures.

Thanks to everyone and see you all soon!

UPDATE: I forgot to add that you can also read a report in Catalan from Sisco’s blog post

The pictures in this post are Copyright (c) 2010 all rights reserved to crazyserver, Copyright (c) 2008 all rights reserved octubre and

http://picasaweb.google.com/josepgallart/FestaLucyda# / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Ubuntu Jamming, Catalan style

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Ubuntu Catalan team met yesterday to contribute with their own bit of awesome to the Ubuntu Global Jam.

We run a translation and a packaging/bug-fixing jam and we had an exceptional participation (about 20 people at peak time). Most importantly though, we had a good time.

But let’s just leave the pictures speak for themselves:

Ubuntu cat crew
The whole crew, showing off their good looks and rearranging the local urban furniture

Ubuntu.cat @ Citilab
The crew, busy rocking the place

Ubuntu cat people with Ubuntu shirts
Beautiful Ubuntu people wearing no less beautiful Ubuntu clothing – notice the evolution in the shirt’s designs throughout releases and parties

Want to see more? Watch the full picture set here.

The event took place at the Citilab computing center in Cornellà, near Barcelona, and we’d like to thank them along with all those who participated in the jam – you truly rocked!

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